Modelling Advice for New Models joining Modeling Agencies

Modelling Advice for New Models
applying to Modeling Agencies

New Models

New Models should heed the following modelling advice when applying to Modeling Agencies:

All aspirant models should firstly try to get a good compilation of modelling photographs together taken by a Modelling Photographer. Find a good modeling agency to join. A modeling agency that has been in modelling business for atleast 5 years.

Depending on the type of contract a modeling agency offer, models should generally opt for a Non-exclusive modeling contract with a period not exceeding 3 years. With this type of modelling contract models are often allowed to contract modelling work through other modelling agencies thereby increasing their chances of securing more modelling work.

Models should also not expect to join an modeling agency and wait for fame to come knocking. Know that the modeling and casting industry is hard to crack and often modelling jobs are seasonally or short term in nature.

Models should take the initiative to join at least two modelling agencies or more and this increases your chances.

Stay connected to the modelling industry

Lastly models should keep their finger on the pulse of the modelling industry by staying informed of open modeling auditions and castings in the media and especially social media in this date and age.

The majority of modelling agencies has active and engaging social media pages on specific modelling jobs.

Avoid these modelling agencies

New Models looking for a modeling agency should also avoid modelling agencies that charges registrations fees or joining fees. Most modelling agencies also charges exorbitant fees for test shoots.

Apex Modeling Agency believes this to be unfair and unreasonable as entry-level models often cannot afford the prices currently charged for test shoots. We therefore do not charge models for test shoots and in most cases advise that New Models provide or create their own Modelling Portfolio Photos.

In most cases clients will request two head shots and two full length photos of potential shortlisted models before giving them a callback to attend a modeling audition.

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