Tips on joining modelling agencies | FAQ

Tips on joining Modelling Agencies | FAQ

Tips on joining Apex Modeling Agency and modelling agencies in general

How to become a Model with Apex Modeling Agency and modelling agencies in general?

Step 1 - Complete a Sign up modelling form by clicking on the Become a Model here.

Step 2 - Email 2-4 recent photos to photos@apexmodel.co.za

Step 3 - Anticipate feedback from our modelling agency within 3-5 days.

Note: Almost all modelling agencies has a online process to become a model. The easier way by far is to do an Online Modelling application to modelling agencies.

Another tip on joining modelling agencies

Besides doing an Online modelling application aspirant models in their quest to becoming a model with any of the many modelling agencies out there including Apex Modeling Agency can attend the respective modelling agencies scheduled Open Days

What type of models do Apex Modeling Agency represent?

- We represent Female and Male Models aged 18 - 34.

- We represent Commercial Models(Everyday Looking Persons) aged 18 - 34.

- We represent Child Models or Kids aged 0 - 13 as well as Teen Models aged 13 - 19

- We represent Mature Models aged 34 and above.

What happens after I join Apex Modeling Agency?

Should you application be successful, we proceed to setting up your modelling marketing tools(Z-cards, Portfolio Books, Online Web Portfolios) and then make submissions to clients requiring the serives models.

It will be expected of you as the model to attend modelling auditions in order to secure modelassignments once a client shortlist you for a screening or interview.

Does Apex Modeling Agency charge any fees?

Yes, We charge a once-off Printing and Publishing fee for entry-level models with limited or no experience for the printing and publishing costs of a Portfolio Book, Z-cards and Online Web Page.

There are no other costs involved when submitting a Modelling Application and your model photos to Apex Modeling Agency. There are no monthly or annual fees.

There is also no registration fees or joining fees as well.

Experienced Models that have previously done work with atleast 3 reputable modelling industry companies which can be verified does not pay any fees upon joining. We also do these models Portfolio Shoots in studio free of charge based on their industry experience.

Lastly we also do not charge models for any test shoots like most modelling agencies does.

Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban is our primary areas

Do you represent models in Johannesburg?

Yes. We represent models all across South Africa with the bulk of our models and clients based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Port Elizabeth, East London, Nelspruit as well as other smaller cities are also represented under Apex Modeling Agency.

Modelling Photographs, size and format?

Emailed photos to Apex Modeling Agency will be accepted in .jpg, .gif, .psd and .tif formats only.

Please do not send modelling photos embedded in MS Word, Works, Power Point, Excel or any other format other than as a regular picture attachment. Each modelling photo size should not exceed 10MB in size.

Please re-size larger images before sending them to Apex Modeling Agency.

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