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Apex Modeling Agency - Getting the foot in the door.

All aspirant models should firstly get a good compilation of photographs together as many agencies charges models between R1800 - R5000 for test shoots upon joining. Please note that many photographers can do this shoot for a fraction of the cost. Google Photographers in your immediate area. Many charges between R500 - R800 for decent portfolio photos.  Find a good & solid modeling agency to join. A modeling agency that has been in business for atleast 5 years. Depending on the type of contract the modeling agencies offer, models should generally opt for a Non-exclusive contract with a period not exceeding 2 years. With this type of contract models are often allowed to contract work through other modeling agencies thereby increasing their chances of securing more work. 

Instant fame and success will not happen with any modeling agency. Joining modeling agencies does not mean anything, its the first of countless other steps and models must be resilient, hard working and 100% committed. Been prepared for every single audition will do the utmost justice. Be prepared! Be presentable! Be Passionate! At all times at all auditions.

Fly-by-Night modeling agencies generally demand long-term contracts in order to secure high-commissions. Most Fly-by-Night modeling agencies claims to have work but really what they are doing is trying to sell photo shoots and modelling courses to aspiring models. Its always a safer bet to approach a independent photographer for a portfolio or to attend a reputable modelling school.